Nad chats – about contests, birthdays and farewells


today there will be no project presentation but instead a special surprise which everyone can be a part of ^____^ But first the status update:
From tomorrow on my study will officially continue since the internship semester is over and the bachelor’s degree is to be expected soon. Looking back at last year makes me sad but at the same time I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to gain a bit of experience in practice. I’ve realized how important this is after talking to my creative director.
I’ll present a few of my projects from my internship to you over time. You probably haven’t even seen my favorite piece of work yet but we’ll get to that later. Congratulations to one of my fellow students who had read about my internship on and was lucky enough to take over my job ^_____^
Speaking of congratulating – this is truly incredible: LEXVANDIS will celebrate its first birthday on February 6th! This, of course, must be celebrated ^_____^ That is why I’ve put a small contest that deals with the projects known from my blog and said contest has some pretty decent prizes for you to win:
Prize #1: Hand-printed bag with a marten as subject, single-colored
Prize #2: USB grenade from Boost Your Sales
Prize #3: Flower grenade from Boost Your Sales

To take part in this contest, all you have to do is either comment on, share or like the birthday entry of LEXVANDIS on Facebook on February 6th. There is a prize for each category so it will be revealed on Wednesday which prize goes with each category ^__^ Your final chance to take part in this is on Saturday evening, February 8th at 6pm. Unfortunately, we can only ship the prizes within Germany.
After the entry deadline the winners will be picked. They’ll receive a message via E-mail or Facebook and will be mentioned in the following blog entry. Don’t worry about any postage, since I’ll take care of it. Of course all participants will be treated the same.
So stay tuned and don’t forget to check out the Facebook page on Wednesday.

See you all next week!

Yours Nadine

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  1. Zum einjährigen Bestehen freuen wir uns auf die Überraschung. Natürlich feiern wir mit. Daumen hoch Nadine. :-)))

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