Nad chats – About internship highlights, logo designs and ColourLovers

After talking about plots last week I now want to show you my personal highlight from my internship: The logo concept of ColourLovers.
ColourLovers was founded by Lisa Mau-Rölke from Hamburg. With her agency, she has devoted herself to Scandinavian and Dutch fashion for kids. She has five brands altogether which she presents at several trade fairs. When she contacted ‘InKonzept’ some time ago I was lucky enough to get to design the logo concept.
After a short research and due to the agency’s name it was clear that the design should be colorful. I had already picked some fitting colors for Lisa. Then it was time to experiment with the name, small graphical elements, the agency’s initials and especially with the font. I had about five different rough concepts which I then split in different versions again.
One of our art directors also designed a few logo concepts. After we sat down together, some of my concepts got rejected and others had to get further developed and refined. Three versions were sent to Lisa afterwards.
Some time later she called us – She had chosen my concept. I was incredibly thrilled, then I got to design the business cards and the newsletter header. Of course I was actively supported by our two art and creative directors and they led me the right way. It was a lot of fun though – and now that the website is finished, you can also visit it ^____^
If you’d like to take a look at it, just click HERE and you’ll be directed to the homepage. It’s in German, but fortunately you don’t need to know the language to look at the design.
Below I’ve created a small gallery regarding the project. I hope you like the design and as always I’d appreciate any comments, constructive criticism or I’d love to hear your opinion.
Well then, see you next week!


3 Responses to “Nad chats – About internship highlights, logo designs and ColourLovers”

  1. Maike says:

    Das ist wieder super. Sogar der Pullover der Dame passt dazu :-)

  2. Lexvandis says:

    Danke! Und ja, das mit dem Pullover stimmt und war auch beabsichtigt :)

  3. Diesen Auftrag hast Du sehr gut erledigt und wir können Dir dazu nur gratulieren, Pullover und Schal passen auch sehr gut zusammen. Gut finden wir auch Dein Logo auf der Rückseite der Visitenkarte( LX ). Prima <3

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