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I’ll start with super good news: I am allowed to take part in one of the typography courses at my university ^____^  As I told you last week, I couldn’t take part in one of my courses due to a decision by lot. That’s why I almost didn’t have enough courses for my upcoming module exam.

Thanks to prof. Veljovic though who runs design and calligraphy courses at my university, I now do have enough courses. I can’t wait to learn a lot from him! He has developed numerous fonts which can even be bought and downloaded on websites like  You can take a look at some of the fonts by clicking on the link below (The website is in German but you can find the fonts by scrolling down):


I’ve taken some photos during the course “Markenkommunikation” (brand communication) run by prof. Sven Vogel so that you’ll get a better idea of what a course on the HAW can be like. It is about developing a product or founding a brand or an institution based on the twelve archetypes (The Hero, the Innocent, the Caregiver, the Magician, the Lover, the Explorer, the Rebel, the Regular Guy or Gal, the Creator, the Ruler, the Sage and the Jester). This might seem odd at first, but it can simply mean something like this: If a product is to be based on the Rebel it should be noticeable, loud and powerful and it should also be promoted like these characteristics imply.

These photos will show how presenting the first concepts on wall can look like. Every single concept receives its own feedback and criticism from the professor afterwards. Additionaly, other students have the chance to ask questions, to make suggestions or to give feedback as well. I really like this system since it allows you to get feedback and improve yourself.

Also there are two quite interesting  exhibitions going on at the moment: one of them is from our photography professor Ute Mahler and the other one is all about  the topic „Comic“. I’ve left you the flyers in a mini-galery. You should definitely check them out because I think it’s worth it. As far as I know visiting the museum of art and trade only costs you 10€ if you take an annual ticket for students. How can you say no to that?^_____^

Well, that’s a lot of input for this week, isn’t it? Additionaly, I’d like to say thank you for showing support and interst in the LEXVANDIS shop, it had a great because of you. I’ve received the first orders and already shipped the articles for quite a lot of them too. As always I’d love to see comments and feedback/criticism about the blog and the shop. Let creativity roam free and take over your mind^___^


See you again next week




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  1. Wir gratulieren Dir,dass Du in den Kurs gekommen bist. Wir freuen uns mit Dir. Deine Schilderungen über die Arbeitsmethoden an der Uni finden wir gut, als Anregungen auch für die anderen Studenten.Zu den inhaltlichen Dingen können wir wenig sagen, dazu fehlen uns die zusammenhängenden Kenntnisse. Aber Andere und wir können uns ein Bild davon machen.
    Danke für die Beutel, wir holen sie uns wenn wir bei Michaels Mutti sind. Wir grüßen Dich herzlich. Deine Fans von der Insel <3

  2. Lexvandis says:

    Dankeschön! :) Auch für eure Bestellung über den Shop. Damit die Beutel waschfest sind, solltet ihr sie zwei Minuten lang auf höchster Stufe gleichmäßig bügeln (mit einem Stück Backpapier auf dem Motiv). Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg! :)

  3. […] die im Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg vom 20.12.2013 – 04.05.2014 zu sehen war (Hier geht’s zum Blogeintrag). Da die Ausstellung jetzt vorbei ist, zeige ich euch heute ein paar Bilder aus der Ausstellung. […]

  4. […] geht um den Kurs „Markenkommunikation“. Ich hatte euch vor ein paar Wochen HIER ein paar Fotos aus dem Kurs gezeigt, damit ihr sehen könnt, wie das so abläuft. In dem Kurs geht […]

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