Nad chats – About new stamps, course registrations and the beginning of the new semester

Hello there,

as I announced last week, there is going to be a new shop on soon. Since it took us more work than we had expected, it will be delayed a bit and probably go up towards the end of next week. But it will be worth it – the new shop is going to have brand new features and a completely new structure – you should definitely check it out when it’s done!^____^ If you’d like to know when that happens, you can follow our Facebook page to find out by receiving a message. So stay tuned!

But the delay is not completely negative: It has given me enough time to create a new stamp, which will be used for the new label on all cotton bags in the future. Below you can see how both the stamp and its print as well as a label look like. I hope you like it – it was a lot fun to create something like this for once.

The registrations for my university have begun this week and if everything goes smoothly, I will take part of a Photoshop, typography and a brand communication course. The main problem with a few of those courses though is the big amount of applicants that want to join them. According to the lecture registry, the typography course for example only allows a maximum of 15 students. The contract teacher has raised the maximum up to 20 but over 60 people had attended the registration.

Those kinds of problems tend to happen with certain courses quite often. If you take the screen print course for example, there’s always the situation in which only randomly picked people get to join since there is only a limited amount of positions available. There simply can’t be more than eleven or twelve people working in the laboratory at once. I was only able to print my book („Lux und das Glück“) since I was one of the few lucky ones chosen for the course. A lot of students don’t approve of this system (myself included), but many professors simply can’t think of a different way to solve who gets to join with that many applicants. Please wish me the best of luck that everything goes well!

Well, that’s it for this week. If you’d like to tell me your opinion about the new stamp or if you simply have questions about the registration system, write it down in the comment section below. I’m happy about every single comment from you! :)

See you next week



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  1. H.- D. Wichtel says:

    Hallo Nadine, Wir drücken Dir beide Daumen , dass Du einen Platz ergatterst. Den Stempel finden wir gut gelungen und hoffen dass er Dir weitere Kunden bringen kann. Als Qualitätssiegel ist er ein sehr gutes Markenzeichen, die Dein Erzeugnis schützen kann. LG :-))

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