Nad chats – About round-the-world trips, print projects and start of the semester.


today I’ll tell and show you a part of Lux’s trip around the world ^____^ This time the marten from my book “Lux und das Glück” (“Lux’s story 
of finding happiness”) travelled with the AIDA mar and was able to see Italy, France AND Spain. He and Lux get around in the world almost more than I do. ^^

Down below you can find a gallery with the best snapshots of the trip. Thanks a lot to Angela and Frank for the awesome pictures! ^____^

Additionally, last week I announced that there will be new bags soon, and in mid-march I’ll be able to print them in the screen printing lab. There will be only a limited number of bags since the printing takes quite a while and this time the bags will be exclusively in two colors. I won’t tell you anything about the subject yet, but as soon as the bags are finished there’ll be a special post on Facebook.

Since my summer semester will start soon, I’ll then also present more university projects to you ^__^ I’m really curious what kinds of courses will be offered this half-year. Since the university calendar is online pretty early this time, I was even able to peek into it a little and see what kinds of courses there are – and it looks like I’ll concentrate on Corporate Design this semester. Well, we’ll see what will come about!

You can find an extract of the course offer in the gallery (It’s in German), though it’s probably more of a course for textile, costume or fashion designers than for communication designers. It’s still an interesting and readworthy course description. ^^

That’s it for this week. I hope you like the choice of pictures. If you go travelling in the near future and take a photo with a LEXVANDIS-bag, you can send it to us via Facebook if you like ^___^ As always I appreciate any comments, criticism, questions and suggestions!

See you next week!


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