Nad chats – About giveaways, winners and expressions of thanks


as you might know, LEXVANDIS turned one year old on February 6th! For about one year I’ve been showing you projects, tutorials and insights into my internship and my design education every Sunday.
To celebrate this anniversary with you, we had a giveaway with three prizes on Facebook: A 2GB USB grenade from Boost Your Sales, a flower grenade, also from Boost Your Sales, and a hand-printed bag with the marten from my book “Lux und das Glück” as subject.

Yesterday evening we drew the prizes. The winners are as follows:
The USB grenade goes to Meike Rotling.
Sascha Wichmann can be happy about the Flower Grenade.
The cotton bag will be sent to Maike Löwenbrück ^____^

Congrats to all the winners! You will be contacted by me and as soon as I’ve gotten to know your shipping addresses, the prizes will be delivered to you via mail ^____^ By the way: Of course my relatives and the LEXVANDIS team were excluded from the giveaway.
Thanks so much for the congratulations on our anniversary and for the compliments and criticism in the past year. Thanks to you this blog comes alive and I hope we can keep counting on you in the years to come.
The picture below this blog entry is made by creischn (Christian L.) due to our birthday. Thanks a lot! Next Week I’ll present my favorite project from my internship at In’Konzept in Hamburg to you. So, there’s something to look forward to!

See you next week!

Yours, Nadine



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  1. Maike says:

    Huh ! ich freu mich !!!! :-)

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