Nad chats – About YouTube channels, language adaptions and long-term projects


from now on, LEXVANDIS is available in German AND English!

The reason for this is that I am also active on other websites which I mention my blog on – such as DeviantArt or Twitter which are mostly used by English-speaking people – so since the minority of those speak German, LEXVANDIS is now available in English as well ^____^ Thankfully I get support from Tatjana and Kevin who can now be found on the TEAM- page of LEXVANDIS as they are the ones taking care of the blog translations.

Let’s get to the second topic of today’s blog entry: BroGamerView! Micha, who is always nice enough to help me with LEXVANDIS, has launched his own YouTube channel – and I’m responsible for the design, logo, title-page, thumbnails, Myu (the channel’s “gaming mascot”) and everything else connected to what needs designing. And that’s where I come into play ^____^

Below you can find a small gallery that has a few extracts from said channel design. I think his channel is pretty interesting but unfortunately it’s only in German. Still, if anyone is interested: You can find his channel HERE.

I update the BroGamerView project every now and then so you will always keep up with the news! Also my internship goes on, too, which means I will introduce a new project to you again next week.

See you then!


Yours, Nadine



3 Responses to “Nad chats – About YouTube channels, language adaptions and long-term projects”

  1. GlowDragon says:

    Toll gezeichnet! ^-^

  2. Muma says:

    Absolut Spitze! Es steckt unglaublich viel Arbeit und Engagement dahinter, und es lohnt sich immer (! ), auf diese Seite zu gehen ! Respekt :)

  3. Hallo Nadine wir verfolgen Deine Beiträge und die von Micha mit großem Interesse. Es sind viele Anregungen und interessante Details zu sehen. Wir finden Euch klasse. Macht weiter so! :-)

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